HowTo: Automount NTFS Drives


Ok, I decided to write this - because over the last week or 2 I've been seeing a lot of threads asking how to AutoMount drives in Ubuntu. Most of the time these also happen to be NTFS drives 

I know what it's like - I still dual boot too  So anyway - here's how to do it the nice easy way 

NB: Please note that there are some images attached just for you 


Fire up a terminal, to do this click Applications > Accessories > Terminal
Then type (or copy/paste) the following - 1 line at a time
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install ntfs-config
Ok so when that returns you to user@pcname, that should be it installed 

Next, make sure you have NO drives mounted (they'll usually appear on your desktop). And then run the program from Applications > System Tools

Note: In Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) it appears that the configuration tool has moved to System > Administration.

Enter your password when prompted - and then choose the drives that you want to be automounted. Click Apply.

Now simply make sure that "Enable Write Support for Internal Drives" and click OK.

Enjoy your automounted NTFS Drives 

Note: If you want to undo this for whatever reason, StolenPie posted a walkthrough later in the thread  So kudos for that!
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